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Vision Care

Effective July 1, 2017, EyeMed is the Vision Administrator for your District Vision Plan. Their phone number for Open Enrollment questions is 888-203-7437. The EyeMed post-enrollment customer service phone number is 866-393-3401.

Your School District's Vision Care Plan
The Vision Care Plan is administered by Vision Benefits of America (VBA). If you enroll in the plan, you may choose to receive care from a VBA-participating provider and receive a higher level of benefits, including 100% coverage for a vision exam and lenses. Alternatively, you may choose to receive care from a non-participating provider and have treatment reimbursed at a reduced level.

How the Vision Care Plan Works
Each time you or a covered spouse or dependent needs vision care, you must verify that your are eligible for services. You can either contact VBA's Customer Service Dept at (800) 432-4966 or visit VBA's website at www.visionbenefits.com. You can request a benefit form be mailed to your home address or, if your VBA doctor will accept an electronic authorization, you can ask them to obtain one on your behalf. To find out which doctors accept the electronic authorizations, call VBA or logon to their website. You must present the mailed form to your provider on yor first visit.

REMINDER: You must give your provider your Employee ID Number, rather than your Social Security Number, in order to verify your coverage.

Vision Care
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