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Long-Term Disability
How LTD Works – Benefits for Partial Disability

If you are not able to perform your job on a full-time basis or you have to reduce the amount of hours you normally work, you can receive partial disability benefits. Under these circumstances, your benefit will be reduced to reflect the earnings you receive while working on a partial disability basis. While you work, you will receive your partial disability earnings, as well as a benefit equal to the proportion of your full-time disability benefit that corresponds to the difference between your previous monthly earnings and your partial disability earnings. In all cases, your partial disability benefit will never be less than the minimum monthly benefit of $100.

Partial Disability
For example, suppose your disability benefit is $500 and your earnings from working on a partial disability basis are $300. Your partial disability offset would be 60% of $300 or $180. That means, your total monthly income would equal:

$500 (your full disability benefit)
$180 (your partial disability offset-60% of monthly earnings)
$320 (your partial disability benefit)

Total Monthly Income = $320 + $300 = $620


Long-Term Disability Insurance
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